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Japheth Boyce

Museum Displays

Dinictis Skeleton - USA                           Sphenodiscus Ammonites - USA         Hoplophoneus Skeleton - Canada          Didymoceras Ammonites - England

Hyaenodon Skeleton - Canada               Scaphites Ammonites - Italy   

Mesohippus Skeleton - Canada              Cycads - Germany

Gomphothere Skeleton - Japan

Titanothere Skeleton - Japan


Publications & Scientific Papers





Japh's Pretty Good Fossil Book of the Dakota Territory

Lapidary Journal 

Omni Magazine

American Museum of Natural History

Field Museum - Chicago

National Science Museum - Japan

Kanagawa Natural History Museum - Japan

Discovery Channel - Paleoworld

Learning Channel - When Dinosaurs Ruled

National Geographic - Prehistoric Predators

BBC- Walking with Preshistoric Beasts

PBS - Fossil Wars






Television & Video Credits

University of Wyoming

Bachelor of Arts 1982

Bachelor of Science 1979




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